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Weekend in Luo Dong (羅東), Ilan

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Going to Ilan

A couple of weekends ago we decided to escape the stresses of Taipei and head into the countryside. Its been a while since we ventured out of Taipei into Ilan and thought it would be great just to head into the mountains and enjoy the "long" weekend away. Queenie booked a room in the Shangri La Hotel in the mountains (hills) above Luo Dong (羅東), we bought some bus tickets for the Friday morning and were all set to go. [More...]

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Boracay Beach 02: The People

Vacation in the Philippines

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Filipino people to our mind are some of the most friendly, gentle and heartwarming people on earth. We have had the great privilege of befriending many Filipino people here in Taiwan and some of them have become our best friends, so we were expecting the local people, at least, to be warm and friendly. We were not disappointed. [More]

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Boracay Beach 01: Getting There

Vacation in the Philippines

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Getting to Boracay is not easy! Everyone tells me we the Philippines is only two hours from Taipei but it take eight hours to get to Boracay. We first flew from Taipei to Kalibo, an airport on another island, then we had a 90-minute to 2-hour bus from Kalibo airport to the Ferry terminal and then 10 minutes in the boat from the ferry terminal to Boracay. [More]

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